This was a university project in where we needed to convey a message through projection and highlight an issue of Wolverhampton. After loads of research and self-observation, I felt that the homeless issue in Wolverhampton is a massive issue. Below is images of my message and the location of where I projected the message. The location was a hot spot for homelessness and also a popular location where people ignore homeless people. By putting the projection here, it led to people paying attention and realising the issue.
Exhibition Poster
I also had to produce an exhibition poster and also a zine magazine which matches the topic of homelessness. I felt that I needed to conduct research in what I can relate to homelessness. I collected many items and objects and scanned them in while also producing a collage of all the materials. In the exhibition poster and zine, everything was hand rendered as I wanted to make both of the piece of work cheap as possible due to how homeless people have to live etc.
Zine Magazine (FlaT)
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